Jamaica Sustainable Energy Roadmap: Pathways to an Affordable, Reliable, Low-Emission Electricity System

Shakuntala Makhijani, Alexander Ochs, Michael Weber, Mark Konold, Matthew Lucky, Asad Ahmed

The report, Jamaica Sustainable Energy Roadmap: Pathways to an Affordable, Reliable, Low-Emission Electricity System, is the culmination of years of intensive investigation. It analyzes the potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment in Jamaica and discusses the social and economic impacts of alternative energy pathways, concluding that a scenario of high renewable penetration can bring significant savings, greater energy security, gains in competitiveness, and many other important benefits to the country.

Supported by the International Climate Initiative of the German Ministry of the Environment, the Roadmap compares the full societal costs of Jamaica’s current electricity sector to the costs of alternative pathways that are based on high shares of domestic renewable energy. The report concludes that Jamaica will benefit economically, socially, and environmentally if it relies more heavily on renewable energy sourcesand less on fossil fuels.

Based on analysis of Jamaica’s investment environment, the Roadmap suggests regulatory and institutional changes that will be necessary to attract new investments in clean energy solutions.

"Congratulations to you and the team, EXCELLENT!"

Joseph Williams, Head of the Energy Programme for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

"This report provides us with the practical steps that enable us to fast-forward the deployment of renewable energy. With it, we improve conditions of wellbeing, the national economy and we become a shining example of what the future is all about."

Jose Maria Figueres, President Carbon War Room

"Data driven, the Roadmap is critical to energy sustainability addressing policy, energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy systems , grid stability and much more."

Dr. Ruth Potopsingh, Associate Vice President-Sustainable Energy, University of Technology, Jamaica

"Worldwatch’s Sustainable Energy Roadmap for Jamaica is a resource with both practical and achievable recommendations that can have the transformative impact the country’s electricity sector badly needs."

Mark Lambrides, Chief, Energy & Climate Change Division, Organization or American States