State of the World 1986

January 1986
ISBN: 0-393-30255-5
263 pages

"The collective actions of a world population approaching 5 billion now appear capable of causing continental and even global changes in natural systems," writes former Worldwatch Institute president, Lester R. Brown. "Our security and well-being may be threatened less by the conflicts among nations than by the deteriorating relationship between ourselves and the natural systems and resources that sustain us."

State of the World 1986 reveals economic and ecological threats to security that military forces are ill equipped to confront. The report is the third in an annual series from Worldwatch assessing worldwide progress toward achieving a sustainable society. A natural outgrowth of the Institute's ongoing research, the book is published in response to a growing demand for policy-oriented interdisciplinary analysis.

The 1986 report emphasizes the economic, social, and political consequences of ecological deterioration; proposes a resource-based development agenda for Africa; highlights innovations in water use and electricity policy; and calls for strategies to banish tobacco and enhance child survival.