State of the World 1992

January 1992
ISBN: 0-393-30834-0
256 pages

The world today is either in the early stages of an Environmental Revolution or on the verge of environmental collapse and economic decline.

State of the World 1992 portrays a planet at risk. And it shows us that the policy decisions we make during this decade will determine whether our children live in a world of development or decline. Eliminating threats to our future requires change of revolutionary proportions. It requires no less than an end to the fossil fuel age and the creation of efficient, solar-based energy systems; new transportation networks that lessen automobile use; redistribution of land and wealth; equality of the sexes in all cultures; and a rapid shift to smaller families.

State of the World 1992 contends that we already know what we need to do, and that we already have the technologies needed for the Environmental Revolution to succeed. Whether we achieve the Environmental Revolution is therefore primarily a question of individual and corporate commitment, social change, and political will. If the Environmental Revolution succeeds, State of the World 1992 asserts, it will rank with the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions as one of the great transformations in human history.

State of the World 1992 lucidly examines our options ”for feeding our billions, for making out cities livable, for preserving the diversity of life on Earth. It looks at the employment prospect in a sustainable economy ”one that does not consume the natural resources and systems on which it depends. And it points to emerging international cooperation to restore the world's abused environment.