State of the World 1994

January 1994
ISBN: 0-393-31117-1
251 pages

State of the World 1994 is must reading, for it finds that we're at a watershed in human history, invisible at the time, that changes the way we live. Chief among the findings is that the earth's ability to sustain life is severely strained. Grasslands have been overgrazed. Oceans over-harvested. Forests, which help regulate climate, moderate water supply, and give home to much of the planet's life, are disappearing at record rates. In our effort to make the earth yield more for ourselves, we're damaging its ability to support our children.

State of the World 1994 recommends how each of use, as well as businesses and nations, can help secure a satisfying way of life that also safeguards our environment and natural resources for future generations. Our prosperity, even the survival of the way we live, depends on quickly creating a global economy that is environmentally sustainable.

State of the World 1994 sets the challenges and examines the options for:

  • Workable strategies to save the world's forests
  • Methods to restore life in our oceans, now damaged more by runoff of household detergents, solvents, even nail polish remover, than by all the oil spills combined
  • Alternatives to the 70,000 chemicals in use today that are carcinogenic and also damage immune and nervous systems
  • Government policies that can boost the status of women in developing countries so that childbearing is not the only route out of poverty.