State of the World 2000

January 2000
ISBN: 0-393-31998-9
276 pages

As the 21st century dawns, the Worldwatch Institute's award-winning research team takes a fresh look at the trends that have put the global economy on a collision course with the Earth's ecosystems. This first edition of the new century lays out the case for a rapid transition to an environmentally sustainable economy before we do permanent damage to the natural systems that support our global civilization.

During the last century, we figured out how to travel to the moon, make ever more powerful computers, and transplant human genes. But as w start a new century, we have far to go to bring clean water to a billion people, to slow the loss of thousands of species, or to meet our energy needs without destabilizing the atmosphere. "

State of the World 2000 shines a sharp light on the great challenge our civilization faces: how to use our political systems to manage the difficult and complex relationships between the global economy and the Earth's ecosystems. If we cannot build an environmentally sustainable global economy, then we have no future that anyone would desire.

With ten chapters, 200 pages, and a full index and detailed references, State of the World 2000 is both an authoritative treasure of basic information on environmental issues, and a jumping-off place for more detailed research. In this one book, you will find the data, the analysis, the cutting-edge thinking, and the "where-to-go-next" resources that make State of the World book you need to make a difference.