Vital Signs 2007-2008

September, 2007
ISBN: 0-393-33129-5
176 pages

Table of Contents

This report tracks and analyzes 44 trends that are shaping our future, and includes graphs and charts to provide a visual comparison over time. Categories of trends include: Food, Agricultural Resources, Energy and Climate, Global Economy, Resource Economics, Environment, Conflict and Peace, Communications and Transportation, Population and Society, and Health and Disease.

Contains 23 new trends in this edition and 21 updated trends. Order your hard copy or download your PDF today!

"Vital Signs... provides the most straightforward and reliable environmental, economic, and social information available on the entire planet Earth." -ePublishers Weekly

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Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food and Agriculture Trends

  • Grain Production Falls and Prices Surge
  • Soybean Demand Continues to Drive Production
  • Meat Output and Consumption Grow
  • Seafood Increasingly Popular and Scarce
  • Irrigated Area Stays Stable

Energy and Climate Trends

  • Fossil Fuel Use Up Again
  • Nuclear Power Virtually Unchanged
  • Wind Power Still Soaring
  • Solar Power Shining Bright
  • Biofuel Flows Surge
  • Carbon Emissions Continue Unrelenting Rise
  • Weather-related Disasters Climb
  • Ozone Layer Stabilizing But Not Recovered

Social and Economic Trends

  • Population Rise Slows But Continues
  • World is Soon Half Urban
  • Economy and Strain on Environment Both Grow
  • Steel Production Soars
  • Aluminum Production Continues Upward
  • Gold Mining Output Drops Slightly
  • Roundwood Production Up

Transportation and Communications Trends

  • Vehicle Production Rises Sharply
  • Bicycle Production Up Slightly
  • Air Travel Reaches New Heights
  • Cell Phones Widely Used, Internet Growth Slows

Conflict and Peace Trends

  • Number of Violent Conflicts Steady
  • Peacekeeping Expenditures Hit New Record
  • Nuclear Weeapons Treaty Eroding

PART TWO: Special Features

Food and Agriculture Features

  • Agribusinesses Consolidate Power
  • Egg Production Doubles Since 1990
  • Avian Flu Spreads

Environment Features

  • Climate Change Affects Terrestrial Biodiversity
  • Threats to Species Accelerate
  • Invasive Species Drive Biodiversity Loss
  • Ocean Pollution Worsens and Spreads
  • Bottled Water Consumption Jumps
  • Sustainable Communities Become More Popular

Social and Economic Features

  • Progress Toward the MDGs Is Mixed
  • Literacy Improves Worldwide
  • Child Labor Harms Many Young Lives
  • Informal Economy Thrives in Cities
  • Socially Responsible Investment Grows Rapidly

Health Features

  • HIV/AIDS Continues Worldwide Climb
  • Malaria Remains a Threat
  • Male Reproductive Health Declines