Worldwatch Paper #86: Environmental Refugees: A Yardstick of Habitability

November 1988
J.L. Jacobsen
ISBN: 0-916468-87-9
46 pages

Worldwatch Paper #85: The Changing World Food Prospect: The Nineties and Beyond

October 1988
Lester R. Brown
ISBN: 0-916468-86-0
56 pages

Worldwatch Paper #84: Rethinking the Role of the Automobile

June 1988
Michael Renner
ISBN: 0-916468-85-2
70 pages

Worldwatch Paper #83: Reforesting the Earth

April 1988
Sandra Postel and S. Heise
ISBN: 0-916468-84-4
66 pages

Worldwatch Paper #82: Building on Success: The Age of Energy Efficiency

March 1988
Christopher Flavin
ISBN: 0-916468-83-6
74 pages

Worldwatch Paper #80: Planning the Global Family

December 1987
J.L. Jacobsen
ISBN: 0-916468-81-X
54 pages

Worldwatch Paper #77: The Future of Urbanization: Facing The Ecological and Economic Constraints

May 1987
Lester R. Brown and J.L. Jacobsen
ISBN: 0-916468-78-X
58 pages