State of the World Reports

State of the World 1987

January 1987
ISBN: 0-393-30389-6
268 pages

"Our relationship with the earth and its natural systems is changing, often in ways that we do not understand," writes former Worldwatch Institute President Lester R. Brown and Senior Researcher Sandra Postel. "The scale of human activities threatens the habitability of the earth itself. A sustainable society satisfies its needs without diminishing the...

State of the World 1986

January 1986
ISBN: 0-393-30255-5
263 pages

"The collective actions of a world population approaching 5 billion now appear capable of causing continental and even global changes in natural systems," writes former Worldwatch Institute president, Lester R. Brown. "Our security and well-being may be threatened less by the conflicts among nations than by the deteriorating relationship between ourselves...

State of the World 1985

January 1985
ISBN: 0-393-30218-0
301 pages

This is the second in an annual series of reports that measures worldwide progress in achieving sustainability - the extent to which our economic and social systems are successfully adjusting to changes in the underlying natural resource base.

Former Worldwatch Institute president Lester Brown says: "Observers generally agree on the principal actions needed...

State of the World 1984

This book is out of print.