Communicating Climate Change and Clean Energy Solutions in the Philippines

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Esperanza Garcia
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Worldwatch is partnering with the Climate Change Commission (CCC) in the Philippines to promote sustainable growth in the country, an important topic considering it is deemed the sixth most vulnerable country to climate change. 


Over the past two years, the Philippines launched a National Renewable Energy Program and established a feed-in-tariff for renewable energies. These commitments demonstrate the country's impressive progress and ambition, and already the share of renewable energies in its electricity sector (29 percent) surpasses those of neighboring countries and the European Union. Nonetheless, the Philippines' renewable energy sector still has room to grow. Despite significant solar and wind potential, these technologies account for less than 0.1 percent of electricity generation. In spite of tremendous geothermal resources, geothermal generation has actually decreased since 2000. As a result, the Philippines continues to rely on imported and expensive oil and coal for power generation. Worldwatch hopes to overcome these trends with its partnership with the CCC.

Worldwatch and its Filipino partners continue to pursue two projects that we believe will help the Philippines to mitigate as well as adapt to the effects of climate change. The Communicating Climate Change and Clean Energy in the Philippines project is intended to rapidly advance public awareness of the localized and global impacts of climate change, and to demonstrate to the general public and policymakers the in-country energy solutions to this problem. The Sustainable Energy Roadmap for the Philippines project will then provide technical, socioeconomic, financial, and policy assessments of renewable energy development in the Philippines. It will also highlight the general renewable energy landscape for the country and provide case studies for the development of renewable resources in three different islands in the Philippines.



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