Developing Renewable Energy Indicators

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The Worldwatch Institute is collaborating with the Abu-Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to develop a new and innovative method for analyzing both the status and benefits of renewable energy deployment. At the outset of this project, our team of researchers will conduct in-depth research and information-gathering on government efforts to promote renewable energy at the national level. Researchers will conduct interviews with key stakeholders to better understand the challenges, needs, and priorities of national governments when implementing support policies. Ultimately, the project will develop a set of renewable energy indicators to better assess the effectiveness and efficiency of support programs for advancing renewable energy development. 



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IRENA seeks to make an impact in the world of renewable energy by maintaining a clear and independent position, providing a range of reliable and well-understood services that complement those already offered by the renewable energy community and gather existing, but scattered, activities around a central hub.

The international renewable energy community is large, resourceful, and rapidly evolving. IRENA does not duplicate what others are doing, but seeks out, establishes and develops new synergies, facilitates dialogue, and information and best practice sharing. Cooperation at the global, regional and national levels, knowledge sharing, enabling policies and enhanced capacity, as well as the encouragement of investment flows and strengthened technology and innovation, are essential elements in the Agency’s efforts. IRENA is positioning itself as a platform for all-inclusive cooperation where stakeholders can make a positive contribution to the common goals. This cooperation and partnerships are essential underpinnings of IRENA’s work.

Numerous international, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations are natural and indispensable partners, as are many private sector companies who are already seizing the opportunities offered by renewable energy. Civil society groups can also contribute to the IRENA vision by being vocal advocates and observers of actions taken by governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. IRENA directs its principal partnership activities towards knowledge sharing, ensuring that existing information and experience is developed, organized, and made accessible in a usable format.