Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Forum 2013

Event Date: 
October 2, 2013 - 9:00am
Manila, Philippines

On Wednesday, October 2nd, Worldwatch Climate and Enery Director Alexander Ochs is co-chairing the ‘Energy Communities of Practice’ session at this year’s Asia Low-Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Forum in Manila, Philippines. The goal of the session is to engage participants in active discussion and identify mechanisms to support effective peer-to-peer learning on energy issues in Asia. Alexander Ochs will provide a brief introduction to the LEDS Global Partnership and the Energy Working Group that he chairs, as well as a brief overview of existing energy sector networks. He will also moderate the 2nd half of the session, which will include a few national-level presentations and extensive small-group discussion about how to build and maintain effective communities of practice.

In addition, he will participate in the "Facilitating the LEDS Process" training session. Through a mix of presentations, plenary discussions, and application of a guidance template, participants will elaborate a Terms of Reference/action plan that is tailored to their own national circumstances.

Participants will cover the groundwork for the process of initiating a LEDS through the development of a Terms of Reference/action plan that answers key questions such as:

  • What information do we need to gather? From whom?
  • Which ministries must be involved in order to start a coherent process of LEDS design?
  • How can the participation of those essential ministries be assured and enhanced?
  • What mechanism(s) is (are) needed to ensure that work being undertaken on mitigation and/or NAMAs feeds into the design of the LEDS, and that the LEDS feeds into broader development objectives and considers other key processes such as National Communications and National Adaptation Plans in a holistic manner?

The session will include case studies of successful LEDS design and key considerations for both top-down (LEDS to NAMA) and bottom up (NAMA to LEDS) approaches to LEDS design