Harnessing Wind and Solar Energy Resources: A Roadmap for the Dominican Republic

Event Date: 
June 16, 2011 - 8:00am
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Presenters: Mark Konold, Manager of Caribbean Energy Roadmap Project
                    Sam Shrank, Sustainable Energy Fellow
                    Xing Fu-Bertaux, Research Associate

About the workshop: The Worldwatch Institute, supported by the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America (EEP), in collaboration with the National Energy Commission is holding a stakeholder consultation workshop in Santo Domingo.  Worldwatch has been working on an energy roadmap which will be used to assess the solar and wind resource potential for select areas in the country and to make recommendations regarding the current policy environment for fostering the growth of renewable energy projects. Major government and business stakeholders are invited to this all-day event where Worldwatch will present the current draft of the roadmap and solicit input from attendees.

About the project: This project is a one-year initiative to explore low-carbon development strategies for the small island country of the Dominican Republic. Because the country is climate-vulnerable and dependent on fossil fuel imports, it is in a good position to explore low carbon solutions. The project is designed in a way to be replicable for other countries in the Caribbean and beyond.  Major elements of the project include:

  1. Renewable resource assessment
  2. Policy assessment
  3. Preparation of a low-carbon energy roadmap
  4. Publication of results and dissemination of findings
  5. Capacity building and training for local partners

The project will provide energy decision makers with better information of the potential scale of renewable energy development in the Dominican Republic than currently exists. It will also assist them in developing new strategies and policies to implement cost-effective, low-carbon energy production. It will increase their commitment to renewable energy development and climate change mitigation while accelerating economic development and avoiding costly and unnecessary investment in fossil fuel related technologies.

Read more about the Low-Carbon Development Strategy project.

For more information: Contact Cristina Adkins at cadkins@worldwatch.org