Sustainability and Small Business Summit

Event Date: 
September 25, 2013 - 7:30am
Artisphere 1101 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201

Register FOR FREE today to join executives from Verizon, representatives from the US Department of Energy, U.S. Small Business Administration, Region III and other private and public leaders to discuss new paradigms for helping small companies grow to their fullest green potential.


This series of invite-only panel discussions is aimed at helping small businesses access information to reducing costs, increasing profits and become more sustainable.


Please join us for SUSTAINABILITY AND SMALL BUSINESS SUMMIT: Bridging the Environmental – Economic “Either/Or” divide, a series of panel discussions sponsored by Verizon  that are designed to educate smaller businesses on the benefits  of going green and how to get started.


If you've ever wondered how small and medium-sized businesses obtain the resources to invest in green operations, ultimately making sustainability a part of their business strategy, please join the conversation to find out the answers from featured panel discussions including:



Master of Ceremonies: Erik Assadourian, Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute



Why Sustainability? - Doing well while doing good: panelists will discuss how small businesses can save money and increase profits while reducing their impact on the environment.

  • Brian Castelli, Senior Fellow, Alliance to Save Energy
  • Sharon Baxter, Pollution Prevention, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  • Miranda Ballentine, Director of Sustainability, Walmart (*invited)
  • Jennifer MacDonald, Director of Sustainability Performance Office, US Department of Energy (DOE) (*invited)


The Art of Sustainability - "Going green": panelists will share best practices in reducing energy and water use, improving logistics and minimizing waste.

  • Bill Valdez, Principal Deputy Director of the DOE Office of Economic Impact and Diversity (ED)
  • Dr. Carole Cameron Inge, Founder, President and CEO, National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy (NICCE)
  • Laura Abshire, Director of Sustainability, National Restaurant Association
  • Gary Skulnik, Founder, Clean Currents


Tools To Go Green - Panelists will equip the audience with information on how to identify available resources, utilize sustainable technologies and foster private and public partnerships to achieve sustainability goals.

  • Mike Bruce, Founder, InScope International
  • Arun Sinha, Director, Business Development, Opto22
  • Nicole Porter, Assistant District Director for Economic Development, US Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Chris Ransom, Senior Consultant, Verizon Networkfleet
  • Joe Lipscomb, Founder, Arborview Capital


Colloquy: A Leadership Perspective on Sustainability in Small Business

  • Roger Ballentine, President, Green Strategies Inc.
  • Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Supply Chain Operations,Verizon
  • Natalia Olson, Regional Administrator, SBA, Region III
  • David Levine, Co-Founder, CEO, American Sustainable Business Council