How do I add a discount coupon?

  1. Navigate to Store administration > Discounts > List
  2. Click "Add discount" to the right of the "List" tab 
  3. Name the discount and give it a short description (this appears for the user when they enter the code in on their shopping cart page).
  4. Click on "Is Active" and, if applicable, "Discount activates" and "Discount expires" to set up valid expiration dates for the discount.
  5. Ignore Weight
  6. Enter a Qualification Amount. For bulk discounts, there will be a qualifying amount and a max amount (see examples in Climate Change Reference Guide discounts). For a discount for a single publication, the Qualification amount is 1 and there is no maximum qualifying amount. 
  7. For non-bulk discounts, click the box for "Require code to activate discount". This requires users to enter the code you have assigned to the discount. Once you click on that box, a field will come up allowing you to enter the code in.
  8. Ignore the next 3 boxes and then select the product that the code is discounting from the "Required product" dropdown box. 
  9. Next, enter the disount details under the Discount Application section. Choose the type, the amount, ignore "Filter type", and make sure publication is selected in the dropdown box.
  10. Next, set max amounts for times the coupon can be used using the remaining fields on the form. When  you're done, click save.
  11. You can copy any discount to create a similar discount code. From the discount list page, just click on "copy" to the right of the code, and then rename and edit the new discount.