How do I create a webform for a page?

If you need to create a webform (like the one here or here), go to Content Management>Create Content>Webform. 

Once you've created the webform, you can edit the copy (the text that displays at the top of the page) by clicking the edit tab and submitting the page once you're done entering and editing the text.  Once you've submitted the copy for the form, you can then edit the webform itself by clicking on the Webform tab to add fields. 

Type the name of the first field you want to start with in the "New component name" field on the left. Then choose the type of question (Select for a multiple choice or drop down field, Textfield for a text box, Textarea for a paragraph text area are some examples) and indicate whether or not the question is mandatory by selecting the Mandatory checkbox. Once your fields are complete, click "Add". You'll be brought to a page where you can then edit the options (if it's a multiple choice field). Once done, click submit. 

You can continue to add webform fields in this manner. If you are unsure of how to create a specific field, check the back-end pages of the two webforms linked to above to check that your work is correct.