How do I feature an item as a Current Project or Latest Published Research on the homepage, research pg, or a program area pg?

All Pages on our site can be featured as "Current Projects" on the homepage or as "Features" on program area pages. To add a page to either area, simply navigate to the page and click the Edit tab. Once on the backend of the page, scroll down beneath the Body and Teaser boxes to the Featured Content area. To feature the content on a program area page, click on that tab, and be sure to mark the content as the appropriate Program Area in the Vocabularies section at the top of the backend of the page. To feature the content on the homepage, click that tab. In both cases, you will need to provide a feature title and teaser, as well as an appropriately sized thumbnail. You can add all of these in the Featured Content area of the page and the specs for the images will be directly beneath the image upload area.

The same procedure can be used to feature any publication in the Latest Published Research section on the homepage or on the research page.  Keep in mind that all features described above populate the most recently updated item at the top of the list. If you want your item to appear above another on the homepage, simply go into the page of the one you want to see at the top of the list and re-save it so that the system recognizes it as having been more-recently updated and promotes it to the top of the features.