Migration as a Climate Adaptation Strategy (Chapter 9)


Will we be ready to respond to migrating communities as our environment changes?


Population displacements due to climate change and other adverse environmental developments could undermine the social fabric of affected societies as well as trigger growing competition over resources, jobs, and social services in receiving areas. The speed, direction, and extent of such population movements remain largely the stuff of conjecture today, but they could have deeply destabilizing economic and political consequences in the future. Fran├žois Gemenne argues that timely adaptation measures—including support for migrants as well as for those who lack the resources to move—can help individuals and societies at large cope with the repercussions of a changing climate.

Whether climate-induced migration will be an adaptation failure or success depends not only on climate impacts, but—most importanly— on the policy choices that are made today.

Fran├žois Gemenne in "Migration as a Climate Adaptation Strategy"



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Threats to Sustainability

We think we understand environmental damage: pollution, water scarcity, a warming world. But these problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Deeper issues include food insecurity, financial assets drained of value by environmental damage, and a rapid rise in diseases of animal origin. These and other problems are among the underreported consequences of an unsustainable global system.
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