Natural Gas and Sustainable Energy Initiative

Director, Climate & Energy
Research Associate
The Natural Gas and Sustainable Energy Initiative is designed to provide a forum to examine the potential environmental, social, and political obstacles that must be addressed if natural gas is to accelerate a global low-carbon energy transformation. Having partnered with non-profit and academic institutions, industry leaders, and the public sector, the initiative will propose needed actions and policies, with a focus initially on the United States and later on India, China, Europe, and Africa.
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Comparing Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Natural Gas and Coal

August 2011

Powering the Low-Carbon Economy: The Once and Future Roles of Renewable Energy and Natural Gas

Report #184 | December 2010


Briefing Papers

How Energy Choices Affect Fresh-Water Supplies: A Comparison of U.S. Coal and Natural Gas 

Overview | November 2010

Addressing the Environmental Risks from Shale Gas Development

Overview| July 2010



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The Role for Liquefied Natural Gas in Small Island States

Natural gas is an attractive resource for smaller nations, but, it could prove to be a dangerous investment.

U.S. Proposes Historic but Lax Carbon Regulations for Fossil Fuel Power Plants

New EPA regulation limits emissions to 1,000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity produced.

New EU Proposal Would Find Oil From Tar Sands Last Among Equals

New estimates from Europe reignite the debate surrounding shale and natural gas as a low-carbon energy source.