Vital Signs 1994 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • Grain Harvest Plummets
  • Soybean Crop Down
  • Meat Production Increases Slightly
  • Fish Catch Stable
  • Aquaculture Output Up
  • Grain Stocks Drop

Agriculture Resource Trends

  • World Grain Yeild Drops
  • Fertilizer Use Keeps Dropping
  • Irrigation Expansion Slowing

Energy Trends

  • Oil Production Flat
  • Wind Power Rises
  • Nuclear Power Climbs
  • Solar Cell Growth Slows
  • Natural Gas Production Expands
  • Coal Use Declines
  • Compact Flourescents Flourish

Atmospheric Trends

  • CFC Production Continues to Drop
  • Global Tempertature Rises Slightly
  • Carbon Emissions Unchanged

Economic Trends

  • World Economy Expanding
  • Third World Debt Still Rising
  • Trade Continues to Climb
  • Global Paper Production Keeps Growing
  • Roundwood Production Unabated

Environmental Trends

  • Resistance to Pesticides Growing
  • Sulfer and Nitrogen Emissions Resume Rise

Social Trends

  • Population Increase Drops Slightly
  • Overall Cigarette Production Rises
  • HIV/AIDS Cases Rising Steadily
  • Immunization Rates Soar
  • Refugee Flows Swelling

Military Trends

  • Arms Trade Continues Decline
  • U.N. Peacekeeping Expands
  • Nuclear Arsenal Shrinking

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • Paper Recycling on a Roll
  • Coral Reefs in Decline
  • Conserving the Other Rain Forest
  • Energy Productivites Vary Widely

Social Features

  • Traffic Accidents Taking Many Lives
  • Life Expectancy Lengthens