Vital Signs 1995 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Economic Trends

  • Gold Production at Record High
  • World Economy Expanding Faster
  • Third World Debt Still Growing
  • World Trade Climbing
  • Television Continues to Spread

Transportation Trends

  • Bicycle Production Rises Again
  • Auto Production Falls
  • Bicycle Production Rising
  • Auto Production on the Rise
  • Bicycle Production Up
  • Auto Production Rises Again

Food Trends

  • Grain Production Rebounds
  • Soybean Production Jumps
  • Meat Production Takes a Leap
  • Aquaculture Boosts Fish Catch
  • World Feedgrain Use Up Slightly
  • Grain Stocks Decline Again

Agriculture Resource Trends

  • Fertilizer Use Continues Dropping
  • Grain Yield Remains Steady

Energy Trends

  • Oil Production Up
  • Natural Gas Production Stalls
  • Coal Use Remains Flat
  • Nuclear Power Flat
  • Wind Power Soars
  • Solar Cell Shipments Expand Rapidly
  • Compact Flourescents Remain Strong

Atmospheric Trends

  • CFC Production Plummeting
  • Global Temperature Rises Again
  • Carbon Emissions Resume Rise

Environmental Trends

  • Sulfer and Nitrogen Emissions Fall Slightly
  • Nuclear Waste Still Accumulating
  • Environmental Treaties Grow in Number

Social Trends

  • Population Growth Steady
  • Cigarette Production up Slightly
  • HIV/AIDS Cases Rise at Record Rate
  • Urbanization Spreading
  • Refugee Flow Unabated

Military Trends

  • Nuclear Arsenals Decline Again
  • Peacekeeping Expenses Reach New High
  • Wars Reach a Plateau

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • Tropical Forests Vanishing
  • Soil Erosion's Toll Continues
  • Amphibian Population Takes a Dive
  • Water Tables Falling
  • Dam Starts Up
  • Lead in Gasoline Slowly Phased Out
  • Steel Recycling Rising

Social Features

  • Computers Multiplying Rapidly
  • Women Slowly Accepted as Politicians
  • Breast and Prostate Cancer Rising
  • Cigarette Taxes Show Ups and Downs
  • Access to Safe Water Expands
  • Homelessness Remains a Problem
  • Income Gap Widens
  • Hunger Still Widespread