Vital Signs 1996 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • World Grain Production Falls
  • Soybean Production Drops
  • Meat Production Climbs Slightly
  • World Fish Harvest Hits New High
  • Aquaculture Production Rises
  • Worldwide Feedgrain Use Drops
  • Grain Stocks Drop to All-Time Low

Agriculture Resource Trends

  • Decline in Fertilizer Use Halts
  • World Grainland Area Drops
  • Irrigated Area Dips Slightly

Energy Trends

  • Oil Production Rises
  • Natural Gas Production Edges Up
  • Coal Use Up Slightly
  • Nuclear Power Virtually Steady
  • Wind Power Growth Accelerates
  • Solar Cell Shipments Jump
  • Sales of Compact Flourescents Soar

Atmospheric Trends

  • Carbon Emissions Hit All-Time High
  • Global Temperature Sets New Record
  • CFC Production Drop Continues
  • Sulfer and Nitrogen Emissions Steady

Economic Trends

  • World Economy Expanding Steadily
  • Global Trade Continues Upward
  • Steel Production Rebounds Slightly

Social Trends

  • Population Growth Slightly Down
  • Cigarette Production Hits New High
  • HIV/AIDS Pandemic Spreading Faster
  • Rapid Urbanization Continues
  • Refugees on the Rise Again

Military Trends

  • Nuclear Arsenal Continues to Decline
  • Peacekeeping Expenditures Level Off

PART TWO: Special Features

Agriculture Features

  • Efforts to Control Pesticides Expand
  • Organic Farming Up Sharply

Economic Features

  • Environmental Taxes Spread
  • Private Finance Flows to Third World
  • Insurance Industry Reels

Environmental Features

  • Forest Loss Continues
  • Aquatic Species Dissapearing
  • Environmental Treaties Strengthened

Social Features

  • Infectious Diseases Return
  • Landmines Proliferate
  • Violence Stalks Women Worldwide
  • Voters Turn Out in Large Numbers