Vital Signs 1998 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • Grain Harvest Up Slightly
  • Soybean Production Jumps
  • World Meat Production Climbs
  • Fish Catch Hits a New High
  • Fish Catch Hits a New High
  • Aquaculture Growing Rapidly
  • Grain Stocks Remain Low

Agriculture Resource Trends

  • Grain Yeild Rises
  • Fertilizer Use Up
  • Irrigated Area Up Slightly

Energy Trends

  • Oil and Gas Use Reach New Highs
  • Coal Use Continues Rebound
  • Nuclear Power Steady
  • Hydroelectric Power Up SLightly
  • Wind Power Sets Records
  • Solar Cell Shipments Hit New High
  • Sales of Compact Flourescents Surge

Atmospheric Trends

  • Carbon Emmisions Resume Rise
  • Global Temperature Reaches Record High
  • CFC Production Continues to Plummet

Economic Trends

  • World Economy Contiues Rapid Expansion
  • Trade Remains Strong
  • Paper Production Remains High
  • Weather Damages
  • U.N. Finances Still Constrained

Transportation Trends

  • Automobile Production Sets Record
  • Motorbike Production Accelerating
  • Bicycle Production Declines

Communications Trends

  • Satellite Launches Rebound
  • Telephone Network Expands
  • Internet Use Grows Exponentially

Social Trends

  • Population Growth Continues
  • Refugee Flows Drop Steeply
  • HIV/AIDS Pandemic Far From Over
  • Urban Areas Swell
  • Cigarette Production Hits All-Time High

Military Trends

  • Military Expenditures Continue Decline
  • Armed Conflicts Diminish
  • U.N. Peacekeeping Contracts Further

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • Forest Decline Continues
  • Tree Plantations Taking Root
  • Vertebrates Signal Biodiversity Losses
  • Organic Waste Reuse Surging
  • Nitrogen Continues to Rise
  • Acid Rain Threats Vary

Economic Features

  • Private Capital Flows to Third World Slow
  • Taxation Shifting in Europe
  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies Falling
  • Paper Recycling Climbs Higher
  • Cigarette Taxes on the Rise
  • Metals Exploration Explodes in the South

Social Features

  • Female Education Gaining Ground
  • Sanitation Access Lagging

Military Features

  • Small Arms Proliferate