Vital Signs 1999 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • Grain Harvest Drops
  • Soybean Harvest Down
  • Meat Production Growth Slows
  • Fisheries Falter
  • Grain Stocks Down Slightly

Agriculture Resource Trends

  • Grain Area Declines
  • Irrigated Area Up

Energy Trends

  • Growth in Fossil Fuel Burning Slows
  • Nuclear Power Declines Slightly
  • Wind Power Blows to New Record
  • Solar Cells Continue Double Digit Growth

Atmospheric Trends

  • Global Temperature Goes Off The Chart
  • Carbon Emmisions Dip

Economic Trends

  • Global Economic Growth Slows
  • Third World Debt Still Rising
  • World Trade Declines
  • World Ad Spending Declines
  • U.N. Finances Decline Further
  • Weather Related Losses Hit New High
  • Roundwood Production Levels Off
  • Paper Production Inches Up

Transportation Trends

  • Automobile Production Dips
  • Bicycle Production Down Again
  • World Air Travel Soaring

Communications Trends

  • Satellite Launches Get a Boost
  • Telephone Network Keeps Growing
  • Internet Continues Rapid Expansion

Social Trends

  • World Population Swells
  • Life Expectancy Extends to New High
  • HIV/AIDS Pandemic Decimates
  • Polio Nearly Eradicated
  • Refugee Numbers Drop Again
  • Cigarette Production Falls

Military Trends

  • Wars Increase Once Again
  • U.N. Peacekeeping Expenditures Drop More
  • Nuclear Arsenals Shrink

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • Transgenic Crops Proliferate
  • Pesticide-Resistant Species Flourish
  • Harmful Algae Blooming Worldwide
  • Urban Air Taking Lives
  • Biomass Energy Use Growing Slowly

Economic Features

  • Transportation Shapes Cities
  • Corporations Driving Globalization
  • Government Corruption Widespread

Social Features

  • Unemployment Plagues Many Nations
  • NGOs Proliferate Worldwide
  • Malnutrition Still Prevalent
  • Sperm Counts Dropping
  • People Everywhere Eating More Fast Food

Military Features

  • Small Arms Found in All Nations