Vital Signs 2000 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • Grain Harvest Falls
  • Soybean Harvest Drops
  • Meat Production Up Again
  • Fish Harvest Down

Agriculture Resource Trends

  • Grain Area Shrinks Again
  • Fertilizer Use Down
  • Pesticide Trade Nears New High

Energy Trends

  • Fossil Fuel Use in Flux
  • Nuclear Power Rises Slightly
  • Wind Power Booms
  • Solar Power Market Jumps
  • Compact Flourescents Light Up the Globe

Atmospheric Trends

  • Global Temperature Drops
  • Carbon Emissions Fall Again

Economic Trends

  • Economic Growth Speeds Up
  • Developing Country Debt Increases
  • World Trade Stable in Value
  • Weather Damages Drop
  • Paper Piles Up
  • Gold Looses Its Luster
  • Tourism Growth Rebounds

Transportation Trends

  • Vehicle Production Increases
  • Bicycle Production Down Again

Communications Trends

  • Telephone Network Diversifies
  • Internet Use Accelerates

Social Trends

  • World Populatiopn Passes 6 Billion
  • HIV/AIDS Pandemic Hits Africa Hardest
  • Refugee Number Continue Decline
  • Urban Population Continues to Rise
  • Cigarette Death Toll Rising

Military Trends

  • Number of Wars on Upswing
  • Peacekeeping Expenditures Turn Up

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • Transgenic Crop Area Surges
  • Organic Farming Thrives Worldwide
  • Groundwater Depletion Widespread
  • Groundwater Quality Deteriorating
  • Ice Cover Melting Worldwide
  • Stresses on Amphibians Grow
  • Endocrine Disrupters Raise Concern
  • Paper Recycling Remains Strong
  • Environmental Treaties Gain Ground

Economic Features

  • Environmental Tax Shifts Multiplying
  • Satellites Boost Environmental Knowledge
  • Corporate Mergers Skyrocket

Social Features

  • Wind Energy Jobs Rising
  • Tuberculois Resurging Worldwide
  • Prison Populations Exploding
  • Women Slowly Gain Ground in Politics