Vital Signs 2001 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • World Grain Harvest Drops
  • Soybean Harvest Sets Record
  • Fertilizer Use Rises
  • Milk Production Maintains Momentum
  • Coffee Production Hits New High

Energy Trends

  • Fossil Fuel Use Falls Again
  • Nuclear Power Inches Up
  • Wind Energy Growth Continues
  • Solar Power Market Surges

Atmospheric Trends

  • Global Temperature Steady
  • Carbon Emissions Continue Decline

Economic Trends

  • World Economy Expands
  • Foreign Debt Unchanged
  • U.N. Funds Stay On Roller Coaster
  • Food Trade Slumps
  • Aluminum Production Keeps Growing

Transportation Trends

  • Vehicle Production Sets New Record
  • Bicycle Production Recovers

Health and Social Trends

  • Population Increases Steadily
  • Cigarette Production Remains High
  • AIDS Erodes Decades of Progress

Military Trends

  • War Trends Mixed
  • Peacekeeping Expenditures Rebound
  • Limited Progress on Nuclear Arsenals

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • World's Coral Reefs Dying Off
  • Hydrological Poverty Worsening
  • Wetlands Decline
  • Bird Species Threatened
  • Farm Animal Populations Soar
  • Growth in Transgenic Area Slows

Economy and Finance Features

  • Pharmeceutical Sales Thriving
  • PVS Plastic Pervades Economy
  • Microcredit Expanding Rapidly
  • Stock Markets Follow a Rocky Road
  • Socially Responsible Investing Surges
  • Toll of Natural Disasters Grows

Resource Economics Features

  • Wheat/Oil Exchange Rate Skyrockets
  • Commodity Prices Weak

Transportation Features

  • Urban Rail Systems Gather Steam
  • Gasoline Taxes Vary Widely

Health Features

  • Antimicrobial Resistance Growing
  • Malaria's Lethal Grip Tightens
  • Being Overweight Now Epidemic
  • Health Care Spending Uneven

Social Features

  • Migrants and Refugees on the Move
  • World's Many Languages Disappearing
  • Religious Environmentalism Rises
  • Education Still Falling Short of Goals
  • Social Security Facing Challenges