Vital Signs 2002 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • Aquaculture Production Intensifies
  • Grain Harvest Lagging Behind Demand
  • Meat Production Hits Another High
  • Cocoa Production Jumps
  • Sugar and Sweetener Use Grows
  • Irrigated Area Rises

Energy Trends

  • Fossil Fuel Use Inches Up
  • Nuclear Power Up Slightly
  • Wind Energy Surges
  • Solar Cell Use Rises Quickly
  • Compact Fluorescents Set Record

Atmospheric Trends

  • Global Temperature Close to a Record
  • Carbon Emissions Reach New High
  • CFC Use Declining

Economic Trends

  • Economic Growth Falters
  • Trade Slows
  • Foreign Debt Falls in Dollar Term
  • Metals Exploration Drops Sharply
  • Metals Production Climbs
  • Oil Spills Decline
  • Roundwood Production Rebounds

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • Farmland Quality Deteriorating
  • Forest Loss Unchecked
  • Freshwater Species at Increasing Risk
  • Transboundary Parks Become Popular
  • Semiconductors Have Hidden Costs
  • Toxic Waste Largely Unseen
  • Rio Treaties Post Some Success

Economy and Finance Features

  • Foreign Aid Spending Falls
  • Charitable Giving Widespread
  • Cruise Industry Buoyant
  • Ecolabeling Gains Ground
  • Pesticide Sales Remain Strong

Resource Economics Features

  • Biotech Industry Growing
  • Appliance Efficiency Takes Off
  • Water Stress Driving Grain Trade

Health Features

  • Food-borne Illness Widespread
  • Soda Consumption Grows
  • Prevalence of Asthma Rising Sharply
  • Mental Health Often Overlooked

Social Features

  • Poverty Persists
  • Car-Sharing Emerging
  • Sprawling Cities Have Global Effects
  • Teacher Shortages Hit Hard
  • Women Subject to Violence
  • Voter Participation Declines

Military Features

  • Progress Against Landmines