Vital Signs 2003 Table of Contents

PART ONE: Key Indicators

Food Trends

  • Grain Production Drops
  • Meat Production and Consumption Grow

  • Fossil Fuel Use Up
  • Nuclear Power Rises
  • Wind Power's Rapid Growth Continues
  • Carbon Emissions and Temperature Climb

Economic Trends

  • Economic Growth Inches Up
  • Foreign Debt Declines
  • Advertising Spending Stays Nearly Flat
  • Tourism Growing But Still Shaky
  • World Heritage Sites Rising Steadily

Transportation and Communications Trends

  • Vehicle Production Inches Up
  • Bicycle Production Seesaws
  • Communications Networks Expand
  • Semiconductor Sales Rebound Slightly

Health and Social Trends

  • Population Growth Slows
  • HIV/AIDS Pandemic Spreads Further
  • Cigarette Production Dips Slightly

Military Trends

  • Violent Conflicts Continue to Decline
  • Peacekeeping Expenditures Down Slightly

PART TWO: Special Features

Environmental Features

  • Birds in Decline
  • Small Islands Threatened by Sea Level Rise

Economic Features

  • Rich-Poor Divide Growing
  • Gap in CEO-Worker Pay Widens
  • Severe Weather Events on the Rise

Resource Economics Features

  • High Farm Subsidies Persist
  • Harvesting of Illegal Drugs Remains High

Health and Social Features

  • Number of Refugees Drops
  • Alternative Medicine Gains Popularity
  • Maternal Deaths Reflect Inequities
  • Consumption Patterns Contribute to Mortality
  • Orphans Increase Due to AIDS Deaths

Military and Governance Features

  • Corruption Thwarts Development
  • International Criminal Court Starts Work
  • Military Expenditures on the Rise
  • Resource Wars Plague Developing World