Aceh's Peace Agreement Leads to a Sharp Reduction of Violence

Incidents between the Indonesian government and GAM have been near zero since the beginning of the year (see figure below), but local-level conflicts have risen steeply since the peace agreement was signed in August 2005 (with between 50 and 80 cases per month).

Figure: Incidents between the Indonesian government and GAM, by month (January 2005-March 2006)

Most local-level disputes occurred over the delivery of government services and donor assistance, although land disputes in tsunami areas and political disputes are on the rise. Virtually all of these conflicts have been of a non-violent nature, but one civilian was killed in March 2006 as a result of excessive use of force by police.

Nonetheless, the report stresses the importance of reforming and improving security institutions in Aceh, and notes that the Aceh Monitoring Mission requested that the Indonesian government confirm that all illegal militias and groups had been disbanded.

According to the World Bank, almost 75 percent of GAM returnees, mostly young men, are currently unemployed, underscoring the need for livelihood assistance.

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World Bank/DSF, “Aceh Conflict Monitoring Update,” 1st-31st March 2006 (monthly updates).