Most Houses Built for Tsunami Survivors in Aceh Are of Sub-Standard Quality

The Indonesian government’s Bureau of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation found that about 10,000 of the newly-built houses were of poor quality. Many have no running water, sewerage or wastewater outlets. BRR spokesman Heru Prasetyo said that many of the houses would have to be rebuilt. He did not name specific aid agencies that were responsible. But this revelation comes on top of other troubles in the reconstruction effort.

The British charity Oxfam, for instance, recently decided to temporarily suspend part of its operations in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar to allow its auditors to review allegations of financial irregularities. Of 120,000 houses that are needed in Aceh, only about 16,000 had been built by the end of 2005, leaving tens of thousands of people stuck in temporary barracks and tents. BRR and aid groups committed themselves to improve their performance during 2006.

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