Delays, Shortages of Construction Materials, and Corruption Mar the Post-Tsunami Reconstruction Effort in Aceh

These difficulties are leading to growing tensions between the government’s Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (BRR) and international aid groups.

Frustrated by the lack of reconstruction progress, the head of BRR, Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, accused a number of aid groups of dishonesty and lack of professionalism and threatened that projects that did not perform up to expectations by June would be taken over by his agency.

Oxfam announced in mid-March 2006 that it was suspending work on a number of projects in Aceh due to “financial irregularities” involving tens of thousands of U.S. dollars.

The March target for moving 70,000 tsunami survivors still living in tents into temporary shelters was recently pushed back by BRR, the United Nations, and the Red Cross. Only 235 out of 16,000 temporary shelters needed have actually been completed, and only 12 percent of 120,000 needed new permanent homes have been built.

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