Acehnese NGOs Demand that Peace Deal Be Fully Implemented

The Acehnese Network for Democracy, a coalition of 30 NGOs, says it is very concerned that Indonesian legislators may dilute some of the powers that were granted to Aceh under the August 2005 peace deal.

One provision in a governing bill for Aceh that a working committee of legislators are discussing would require that local government policies are made in accordance with central government regulations, undermining the notion of self-government.

Legislators from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, one of the country’s two largest, demand that Acehnese parties join with nationwide parties to contest provincial elections.

Legislators also seem poised to delete a provision that would make it mandatory for political parties to field a minimum of 30 percent of female candidates.

There is growing concern in Aceh over the closed-door negotiations over the Aceh governing bill in Jakarta, with fear of the outcome of backroom dealings.

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