Violence Surges in Sri Lanka

International ceasefire monitors say that at least 900 people have been killed in Sri Lanka in a surge of violence since December 2005. At least 500 of them were civilians. Most of the killings have taken place in the country’s northeast.

Observers no longer refer to events there as a “shadow war.” It has become a “low-intensity war” and the country is on the brink of full-scale violence. Naval battles, suicide bombings, assassinations, and jungle clashes have once again become the norm, even though a ceasefire stands officially unrepudiated.

Sweden has launched a fresh effort to salvage Sri Lanka's embattled ceasefire. The rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) demand that monitors from European Union members Denmark, Finland, and Sweden be replaced by 1 September after the EU banned the LTTE as a terrorist organization in May.

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