Sri Lanka Examining Power-Sharing Arrangements

Sri Lanka's president Mahinda Rajapakse met with an advisory committee of constitutional experts in a bid to draw up a power-sharing arrangement with Tamil Tiger rebels and end decades of conflict. The committee was appointed to study devolution models from countries such as Canada, India, Switzerland and Australia. It comprises representatives of the majority Sinhalese and minority Muslim and Tamil communities.

The panel's input will help in drafting a formal proposal to the All Party Conference, which is working out a new constitution that will give more autonomy to Tamils. Proposals of the All Party Conference would then be discussed with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The LTTE, however, has rejected the creation of the committee because they are not convinced of the sincerity of the effort. Neither the LTTE nor the opposition United National Party will attend the committee meeting.

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