How Green Is Your Campus?

green campus
Campuses like the College of the Atlantic's in Maine are becoming more "green."

Some experts are calling today’s college students “the Greenest Generation” yet. From the West Coast to the East and everywhere in between, U.S. colleges and universities are taking steps to make their campuses more sustainable. Lane Community College in Oregon, for example, has composters in its kitchens and holds clothing exchanges to reduce waste. Ball State in Indiana has received an award for its efforts to reduce mercury use on campus. And Yale University’s switch to a cleaner fuel oil has cut associated sulfur emissions by 95 percent. Other successes include schools that equip their vending machines with motion detectors so the dispensers can power down when no one is nearby, hold competitions to determine the dorm that can use the least energy, and incorporate hybrid shuttle buses.

Read about these and other innovative programs across the United States. If your school isn’t featured, write your own article and tell us what environmentally friendly activities are happening on your campus so we can add it to the list.

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