2005 Pakistani Earthquake Victims Displaced Again, This Time by Flooding

Hundreds of Pakistani families who had returned to their homes following last year’s massive earthquake have been forced to relocate again by flooding. The monsoon season has brought severe flooding to quake-affected northern Pakistan, killing at least 200 people since the rains started in mid-July.

Water levels have been up to three times higher than last year in some places, according to reports. Houses, roads, railways tracks, water supplies, sewerage pipes and crops have been destroyed. The government’s Camp Management Organisation (CMO) warned that the number of families needing relocation could increase if the monsoon continued.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, “Pakistan: Flooding Forces Quake Victims to Relocate Again,” IRIN News, 18 August 2006.
Link: www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=55174&SelectRegion=Asia&SelectCountry=PAKISTAN.