Sources and Resources for "Unexpected Promise"

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Peace Negotiations and Agreement

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Post-Tsunami Recovery

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Peace Implementation

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Refugee Return and Reintegration of Combatants

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Human Rights

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Women and Islam in Aceh

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A set of pre- and post-tsunami satellite pictures is available at

A set of 240 photos taken by the author during a research and fact-finding visit to Aceh in December 2005 is available at  Most of the images were taken in Banda Aceh, with some in Sigli, Bireuen, and Lhokseumawe along Aceh’s northeastern coast.

For those interested in a very large pool of photos taken in Aceh, the photo-sharing site currently hosts more than 3,600 images, typically taken by amateur photographers, many of them members of humanitarian aid groups.  See

Acheh Times has a number of historical pictures relating to Aceh’s anti-colonial and pro-independence struggles, at, plus video and audio at