Choosing Seafood for Healthier Oceans

catch of the day In a recent Worldwatch poll, 30 percent of you felt that seafood was the most important item to buy using sustainable principles. In Catch of the Day, senior researcher Brian Halweil explores how buyers of seafood—including individual consumers, school cafeterias, supermarket chains, and large food distributors—can reverse fishery declines and preserve the fresh catch of tomorrow. A public that better understands the state of the world's oceans can be a driving force in helping governments pass legislation to ban destructive fishing, mandate seafood labels, decrease consumption of endangered fish, and create sustainable marine preserves, notes Halweil.

One thing consumers can do? Eat lower on the fish food chain: skip the larger, omnivorous fish-tuna, salmon, striped bass, and shrimp, for example-and choose herbivorous farmed fish like catfish, carp, and tilapia, as well as oysters, clams, mussels, and sea vegetables. Read Brian's blog post.