Worldwatch to Launch State of the World 2007 in South Africa

On Wednesday, May 30, Worldwatch Senior Researcher Molly O’Meara Sheehan will attend the South African launch of State of the World 2007 at the Sustainable African Cities Seminar, held in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth). The event is co-sponsored by the South African Cities Network, the Cities Alliance, and the Worldwatch Institute.

Sheehan will join several African State of the World 2007 authors to discuss the report as it relates to urban development and management practices in Africa. The event is targeted toward leaders and managers from various African cities who have the opportunity to adapt strategies from the report to their own municipalities. After the presentation and discussion, participants will tour existing sustainable community projects throughout Nelson Mandela Bay. Read the event program and invitation to learn more.

Worldwatch contributors have traveled the globe in recent months to discuss the latest edition of State of the World in Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Helsinki, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Malmö, Nairobi, Oslo, Shanghai, Stockholm, and Sydney.