Eye On Earth

South Pacific to Be Protected from Destructive Fishing
More than 20 South Pacific nations have agreed to restrict bottom trawling—an invasive form of fishing that can devastate marine habitats—in areas with vulnerable ecosystems, according to the BBC.

Biodiversity Can Provide Mental Health Benefits
Biological diversity in city parks and green spaces can have psychological benefits for humans, according to a new study from the United Kingdom.

Computer Sector Cooperates to Save Energy
A new effort to unite computer manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in energy conservation was launched in Silicon Valley, California, on June 12.

Solar Power Reaches 100,000 in Rural India
A solar photovoltaics (PV) pilot project in India has transformed the lives of approximately 100,000 people living in poverty-stricken rural regions by providing several hours of uninterrupted lighting every night.

Innovative Waste-to-Energy Project Profits Community
In a new partnership, 13 municipalities in Argentina have agreed to send their refuse to an innovative waste treatment facility that will turn it into electricity, biodiesel, water, and animal feed.

Meteorologists Add Climate Change to Their Forecasts
As the U.S. wakes up to the realities of climate change, global warming has made that most ordinary of conversation topics—the weather—a hot topic.

UN Refugee Agency Turns to Tree Planting
The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, has pledged to plant more than 9 million trees in areas of human displacement this year, enlisting both refugees and host communities to meet this goal.

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