Worldwatch Report 175: Table of Contents

Powering China’s Development Image

Powering China’s Development: The Role of Renewable Energy

Authors: Eric Martinot and Li Junfeng

ISBN 13: 978-1-878071-83-5
Publication Date: Nov. 2007
50 pages

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Table of Contents

China's Energy Crossroads8
The Promise of Renewables13
Wind Power17
Solar Power21
Solar Hot Water and Heating25
Biomas Power and Biofuels28
China's Renewable Energy Future32

Figures, Tables, and Sidebars

Figure 1. Primary Energy Consumption in China, 1990–20069
Figure 2. Energy Intensity of China's Economy, 1991–200413
Figure 3. Wind Power Capacity in China, 2000–200613
Table 1. Renewable Energy Shares of Electricity and Primary Energy in China, 2006 and Estimates for 202013
Table 2. China Renewable Energy Targets by Technology, 2010 and 202014
Table 3. Planned Additions to Chinese Solar PV Production Capacity, 2007–201023
Sidebar 1. Wind Power Concessions and Private Financing18
Sidebar 2. Wind Turbine Manufacturer Goldwind Leaps Ahead19
Sidebar 3. Electrifying Rural China: The Role of Renewables22
Sidebar 4. WPV Manufacturer Suntech Gains International Recognition24
Sidebar 5. Rizhao: City of Sunshine26
Sidebar 6. Household-Scale Biogas and Biomass Pellets for Cooking, Heating, and Lighting29
Sidebar 7. Baoding New High-Tech Industrial Development Zone33
Sidebar 8. Future Scenarios for Renewable Energy in China34

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