Bali Conference, Day 12: No singing yet

It’s 12:30 in the morning here in Bali. I’ve just returned to my hotel.

James Russell When I left the conference a few minutes back, the word was that agreement on critical elements of the roadmap was nowhere in sight. Through the rumor mill—which spins more furiously here than I’ve ever before witnessed—I hear that even at this late hour the United States delegation is introducing new language that it knows has no chance of being accepted.

As I left the conference hall, our Indonesian hosts were preparing for discussion to continue through the night. A crowd of people continued to mill about outside the room where negotiations are taking place.

I sat patiently by for most of the day, expecting that at any moment the chair might call me in to bring resolution. Unfortunately for the struggling negotiators, they seem to be too stubborn to ask for help. So, I’ll just have to let them wallow all night in the mess they’ve made.

On the way back to my hotel, my taxi driver asked me if the meetings were still going on. When I said yes, he sounded frustrated and said, “This very stupid. Everybody get tired and they not think good. Then what happens.”

Yes, Mr. Sumerta, I can’t argue with that. This very stupid.

If you want details on how it all wraps up tomorrow, check your local media outlet. I’m going to the beach.

Thanks for following along.