Eye On Earth

Can “Dumping Soda” Mitigate Global Obesity Trends?
Consumer groups on five continents are promoting a new “Dump Soda” campaign to educate people about the links between soft-drink marketing and rising childhood obesity.

Study: Policy Trumps Technological Change in Beating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
A new study finds that policy changes, not technological advances, are necessary to stem the tide of rising greenhouse gas emissions.

New African Reserve Protects Bonobos, Stores Carbon
Conservation groups and the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have announced the establishment of a new reserve to protect the endangered bonobo, a great ape found only in the DRC’s vast tropical forests.

New Certification Scheme Aims to Protect Socially Responsible Companies
More and more businesses across the globe are finding that they can be successful while also being environmentally and socially responsible.

Pollutants Implicated in Births of More Girls Than Boys
A recent study found that residents of Canadian communities who were exposed to emissions from polluting industries such as oil refineries, metal smelters, and pulp mills gave birth to more females than males, a reversal of the normal sex ratio.

U.S. Emissions Reductions May Be Cheaper Than Thought
A new report suggests that significantly reducing U.S. carbon emissions could cost far less than the trillions of dollars some have projected.

More Cars or More Transportation Alternatives: What Will the World Choose?
The Toyota Prius is a darling of the environmentally conscious. The newly unveiled Tata Nano, dubbed "the people's car," is reviled as a climate wrecker. Is there a double standard?

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