Worldwatch Institute Chosen for Stonyfield Farm's "Bid with Your Lid" Program

Washington, D.C. -This July and August, Stonyfield Farm yogurt consumers will "bid" with their lids to decide what share of a $100,000 donation will go to the Worldwatch Institute, one of three non-profit organizations selected to participate in the company's annual "Bid with Your Lid" program. The initiative is part of Stonyfield Farm's Profits for the Planet Program, through which 10 percent of all profits are donated to efforts that help protect and restore the Earth.

Under the program, the New-Hampshire-based organic yogurt maker will give a minimum $20,000 donation to the three participating organizations, with an additional $40,000 to be allocated among the three groups based on consumer voting. At least 20 million yogurt lids will advertise the program and provide instructions on how customers can vote for their favorite organization. This year's beneficiaries also include Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Ocean Conservancy.

Consumers have two ways to cast their votes. They can log onto and enter one vote, or they can collect the limited edition lids and cast multiple votes by mailing 10, 20, or 30 lids to Stonyfield Farm, P.O. Box 4840, Manchester, NH 03108-4840. Voting ends on August 31, 2008.