Presentation: 13th Annual State of the World 2009 Symposium, January 15, 2009

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Into a Warming World

On January 15, 2009, leading thinkers, scientists, and policymakers convened in Washington, D.C. to discuss this year’s significance for the climate.

Contributors from State of the World 2009: Into a Warming World engaged an audience of over 150 on the state of the science, the gap between science and policy, and practical solutions to help avert the worst affects of climate change—all in advance of the critical negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Featured speakers included Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bo Lidegaard, the principal climate advisor to the Danish prime minister, and Marcel Brenninkmeijer, Chairman Good Energies.

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Agenda and Video

Introduction and Keynote:

Welcome by Christopher Flavin, President, Worldwatch Institute
Keynote Address by Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Chairman, IPCC (Download Dr. Pachauri’s Powerpoint Presentation)
Under Secretary of State Bo Lidegaard, Featured Guest Speaker

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Panel 1:

Robert Engelman, Vice President, Worldwatch Institute
Bill Hare, Visiting Scientist, The Potsdam Institute
Tom Lovejoy, President, The Heinz Center
Sara Scherr, President, Ecoagriculture Partners

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Panel 2:

Christopher Flavin, moderator
Janet Sawin, Senior Researcher, Worldwatch Institute
Satu Hassi, Member of the European Parliament
Malini Mehra, Founder, Centre for Social Markets, India
Yingling Liu, China Program Manager, Worldwatch Institute

Marcel Brenninkmeijer, Chairman Good Energies, Featured Guest Speaker (Download Mr. Brenninkmeijer’s Powerpoint Presentation)

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