State of the World 2009 Climate Connections

Forty-seven authors, many from developing countries such as India and Sudan, contributed the shorter essays in State of the World 2009, titled “Climate Connections.” The result is the most diverse array of insights and perspectives ever in a single edition of State of the World.

We’ve made all of these Climate Connections available on our website via PDF downloads. You can also download individual chapters of State of the World here (endnotes not included). To purchase the entire volume in hard copy (with endnotes), click here.

The Risks of Other Greenhouse Gases
Janos Maté, Kert Davies, and David Kanter

Reducing Black Carbon
Dennis Clare

Women and Climate Change: Vulnerabilities and Adaptive Capacities
Lorena Aguilar

The Security Dimensions of Climate Change
Jennifer Wallace

Climate Change’s Pressures on Biodiversity
Thomas Lovejoy

Small Island Developing States at the Forefront of Global Climate Change                  
Edward Cameron

The Role of Cities in Climate Change
David Satterthwaite and David Dodman

Climate Change and Health Vulnerabilities
Juan Almendares and Paul R. Epstein

India Starts to Take on Climate Change
Malini Mehra

A Chinese Perspective on Climate and Energy
Yingling Liu

Trade, Climate Change, and Sustainability
Tao Wang and Jim Watson

Adaptation in Locally Managed Marine Areas in Fiji
Alifereti Tawake and Juan Hoffmaister

Building Resilience to Drought and Climate Change in Sudan
Balgis Osman-Elasha

Geoengineering to Shade Earth
Ken Caldeira

Carbon Capture and Storage
Peter Viebahn, Manfred Fischedick, and Daniel Vallentin

Using the Market to Address Climate Change
Robert K. Kaufmann

Technology Transfer for Climate Change
K. Madhava Sarma and Durwood Zaelke

Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Potential
Jeffrey Harti

Employment in a Low-Carbon World
Michael Renner, Sean Sweeney, and Jill Kubit

Climate Justice Movements Gather Strength
Ambika Chawla

Shifting Values in Response to Climate Change
Tim Kasser

Not Too Late to Act
Betsy Taylor


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