Downloads of State of the World 2009: Into a Warming World

Worldwatch has gathered the best thinking from 47 experts to answer the following question: How do we keep climate change at manageable levels and how do we adapt to what is coming our way, no matter how successful we are in reducing future greenhouse gas emissions?

All of the chapters in State of the World 2009 (minus endnotes) are available on our website via free PDF downloads. To purchase the entire volume (with endnotes) in hard copy, click here. For more information on the project, click here

Free State of the World 2009 Downloads:

State of the World: A Year in Review by Lisa Mastny
A timeline of significant environmental news events from October 2007 to September 2008.

Chapter 1.  The Perfect Storm, by Christopher Flavin and Robert Engelman
The climate dilemma, in a nutshell.

Chapter 2.  A Safe Landing for the Climate, by W. L. Hare
Current climate science and the emissions path needed to glide toward a safe landing.

Chapter 3.  Farming and Land Use to Cool the Planet, Sara J. Scherr and Sajal Sthapit
The needed transition to carbon-absorbing forestry and food production.

Chapter 4.  An Enduring Energy Future, by Janet L. Sawin and William R. Moomaw
The opportunity and the imperative for building a low-carbon energy future.

Chapter 5.  Building Resilience, by David Dodman, Jessica Ayers, and Saleemul Huq
The importance of building resilience to climate change.

Chapter 6.  Sealing the Deal to Save the Climate, by Robert Engelman
The agreement that nations must reach to begin stabilizing the climate while adapting to a warming world.

Climate Connections
22 essays by experts around the world on wide-ranging topics relevant to climate change