Worldwatch Report 182: Table of Contents

Renewables in China

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in China: Current Status and Prospects for 2020

Editor: Lisa Mastny

ISBN: 978-1-878071-95-8  
Publication Date: Oct. 2010
48 pages

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Table of Contents

China’s Energy Challenges: The Role of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency8
Energy Efficiency in China11
Renewable Energy in China23
Prospects for 202034
The Way Forward40

Figures, Tables, and Sidebars

Figure 1. China's Energy Consumption by Sector, 2007 
Figure 2. China's Energy Intensity versus GDP Growth, 2005-09 
Figure 3. China's Small Hydropower Installed Capacity and Power Generation, 1985-2009 
Figure 4. China's Installed Wind Power Capacity, 1992-20089
Figure 5.  Chinese Solar Cell Production and Installation, 2000-0810
Figure 6. China's Installed Solar Hot Water Capacity, 1997-200911
Table 1. China's Energy Consumption by Fuel Type, 200711
Table 2. Energy Consumption Per Unit of Major Product, 2000 and Targets for 201013
Table 3. Energy Efficiency of Major Energy-Consuming Equipment, 2000 and Targets for 201026
Table 4. Change in Energy Consumption per Unit GDP Index by Province, Autonomous Region, and Municipality8
Table 5. Energy Consumption of Major Energy-Consuming Industrial Products, 2000, 2005, and 200823
Table 6. Energy Consumption per Unit Area of Buildings in China, the United Stats, and Japan, 20087
Table 7. Residential Heating Requirements per Unit Area in Beijing17
Table 8. Transportation Energy Consumption in China, by Mode, 2000-0519
Table 9. Transportation Energy Efficiency in China, by Mode, 200624
Table 10. Vehicle Performance and Fuel Economy in China versus Industrial Countries29
Table 11. Important Local Wind Energy Targets in China, 2010 and 2020 
Table 12. China's Renewable Energy Development and Use, 2008 
Table 13. Grid-Connected Electricity Prices in China, by Energy Source 
Table 14. Planned Large-Scale Wind Energy Bases in Six Chinese Provinces  
Table 15. Solar PV Installation in Key Sectors and Regions, Targets for 2010 
Table 16.  Renewable Energy Development in China: Three Scenarios for 2020  
Sidebar 1.  Top-1000 Enterprises Energy Conservation Program 
Sidebar 2. Yutong Bus: Building China's Mass Transit Bus System 
Sidebar 3. China's Wind Power Development: Three Stages 
Sidebar 4.  The Himin Group: Pioneering Solar Hot Water in China  

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