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Four new Worldwatch Institute Blogs are now online: Dateline: Copenhagen, Nourishing the Planet, Green Economy, and Transforming Cultures feature regular contributions from Worldwatch researchers and staff tracking global environmental issues, from upcoming climate change negotiations to how we'll feed a growing population sustainably. Recent posts from each blog include:  
  • Dateline: Copenhagen: The Case for Hope
    Worldwatch President Christopher Flavin writes about positive news on the road to Copenhagen, and how these developments should give officials the courage to enact tougher emission targets.
  • Nourishing the Planet: It Isn't Just About Compost
    In his latest blog post, Senior Researcher Brian Halweil discusses why a panel he joined on NPR's Science Friday didn't get it quite right when talking about organic farming and hunger.
  • Green Economy: Saving the Climate--and Worker's Health
    A preliminary look at the relative risks of renewables versus fossil fuels shows that occupational hazards in the fossil fuel sector are substantially higher than those associated with wind and solar energy, writes Senior Researcher Michael Renner.
  • Transforming Cultures: What Does a City Without Advertising Look Like?
    Since passing a 2006 ban on outdoor advertising, the city of Sao Paulo has undergone a physical and, some would argue, a more sustainable transformation. State of the World 2010 Project Director Erik Assadourian shares a glimpse at the results.

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