Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Reports

The transition to a highly efficient economy that utilizes renewable energy is essential for developed and developing countries alike. This is the only way that degradation of Earth’s climate system can be halted, and the only real option for raising billions of people out of poverty. The current reliance on fossil fuels is not supportable by poor developing countries, and increasing demand for fossil fuels is creating dangerous competition for remaining available resources of oil and gas. The challenge is to devise a transition strategy that improves the lives of all citizens by providing them with essential energy services that do not disrupt the climate system, degrade the environment, or create conflict over resources.

IPCC Report on Renewable Energy Policy and Climate Change Mitigation

Worldwatch is participating in the research, analysis, and production of the IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation, to be released in 2011. Senior Fellow Janet Sawin is serving as lead author of the chapter on policy, financing, and implementation.

Renewable Revolution
Worldwatch/ REEEP Report: Renewable Revolution: Low-Carbon Energy by 2030

In 2009, Senior Fellow Janet Sawin, in collaboration with fellow IPCC author William Moomaw, released a report prior to the Copenhagen climate conference that examined the immediate and longer-term potential of renewable energy, in concert with energy efficiency, to mitigate climate change. The report, Renewable Revolution: Low-Carbon Energy by 2030, provides specific and relevant policy recommendations to encourage negotiators and other policymakers to make the strongest emissions reductions commitments possible.

REN21 Renewables Global Status Report Series

Since 2005, Worldwatch has collaborated with the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) to compile the annual Renewables Global Status Report, which provides an integrated perspective on the global renewable energy situation. The report is the product of an international team of more than 150 researchers, contributors, and reviewers from both industrialized and developing countries, drawing on wide-ranging information and expertise to ensure transparency and peer-reviewed accuracy.

In the years since it was first released, the Renewables Global Status Report has become the industry standard. It is the most frequently referenced report on renewable energy business and policy, and serves a wide range of audiences--from investors and government decision makers to students, project developers, researchers, and industrial manufacturers. Annual editions include the following sections: global market overview; investment flows; industry trends; policy landscape; and rural (off-grid) renewable energy. Worldwatch Senior Fellows Janet Sawin and Eric Martinot, President Christopher Flavin, and Energy & Climate Director Alexander Ochs are all involved in the production of the report.

Project Leads: Alexander Ochs, Janet L. Sawin

Recent Publications:

Renewable Revolution: Low-Carbon Energy by 2030

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