Climate and Energy Security 2.0

AtacamaThe security impacts of climate change and our dependence on imported fossil fuels have been much debated. Many of the largest energy-consuming nations are purchasing more and more fossil fuels from foreign sources, increasing the risks associated with dangerous climate change and energy insecurity. A shift away from fossil fuels and toward renewables and energy efficient technologies is essential to mitigate climate change. But does it necessarily solve the problem of energy security?

Worldwatch is working to detail the intellectual and material resource requirements of a global shift to clean energy sources. The project analyzes the security implications of ramping up wind, solar, geothermal, and energy efficient technologies through a review of the natural resources that are extracted and processed to supply these new technologies, as well as the geopolitical risks associated with the resources. Widespread adoption of clean technologies will require new initiatives aimed at building human capacity, reforming international patents, updating industry standards, and mitigating environmental degradation.

Tackling catastrophic climate change requires new energy production and energy efficiency technologies that bring hope for a cleaner and safer future, but preparations are needed for the new political and economic landscape ahead.

Project Lead: Alexander Ochs

Recent News and Publications:

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